About Us


NBLCH champions the promotion of health and prevention of diseases to reduce disparities and achieve equity within the black community.


Our vision is to reduce disparities and achieve equity to promote the health and well-being of Black communities through advocacy, policy, and action.


The National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLCA) was founded by Debra Frazer-Howze in 1987 where she lead the organization for 21 years, as President and CEO. Building on the strong and solid foundation of NBLCA – the nation’s oldest nonprofit organization of 32 years dedicated to educating, mobilizing and empowering Black leaders to meet the challenge of fighting HIV/AIDS – it has evolved to become a comprehensive advocacy, policy and action organization to address multiple health issues and disparities affecting African Americans. With a new Mission and Vision, NBLCA will now be known as the National Black Leadership Commission on Health (NBLCH) with an expanded focus to include HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, sickle cell, diabetes and mental health. Championing black health through advocacy, policy and action is the main goal of our newly expanded organization.

The branding for NBLCH includes a new logo and key communication elements across several areas including the website. The new logo is in keeping with the tradition of the beloved NBLCA Kente cloth ribbon and wording that positions the organization as a health group that continues the fight against HIV/AIDS as well as embrace black health overall.

The change comes after an intensive year long review and research efforts by NBLCA’s Board of Directors, staff, partners, funders, external advisors and community focus groups to delve into the health needs of African Americans as our culture and society continue to shift away from the issue. The results compelled NBLCA to re-evaluate its programs and mission to include expanded focused areas of health and levels of service that address the overall health and well-being of African Americans. Thus, NBLCH was formed.


The National Black Leadership Commission on Health (NBLCH) is a nonprofit organization that depends on donations and grants. With your help we will continue the fight to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic, addressing Hepatitis C while expanding to include cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, sickle cell, diabetes, and mental health.